I remember the night I met him.

I was at a party. Seventeen and carefree and experimenting with drugs.

I already had a few drinks in my system when somebody handed me a little white pill. As soon as I took the pill it felt like I had entered a new dimension. Crossed the barrier between worlds and entered into a resplendent magical land.

I spotted a butterfly flying nearby, it came near me and took a few rounds around my head like it was making sure I had his attention. And as I confirmed it by turning a spins following its flutter, it started to fly away from me, daring me to follow.

I kept following it blindly, with excitement and anticipation as if it was leading me to a treasure until I pulled a tug on my wrist. I tried to free myself but the harder I tried, the tighter the grip grew around my wrist.

I turned around, annoyed at this sudden obstacle in my quest and I was jerked out of my trance into reality. I looked around restlessly, longing to go back when I spotted a stranger’s eyes looking back and forth between me and the ground on which I was standing.

I noticed the fear, shock and urgency in those eyes and followed them to the ground. A chill flowed through my entire body as I realised that I had been walking on the edge of the balcony.

The realisation instantly made me sober and filled me with panic. In the panic state I lost my balance but the stranger holding on to my hand never let go. He pulled off the edge into his arms and held me until my panic subsided and I felt calm and safe.

He saved me that day not only from falling off the edge of the balcony but also from losing my life and future to drugs. Because ever since that day he is the only drug I have needed to make my life resplendent.

Inspired by: Moon-washed Weekly Challenge- Resplendent – August 02, 2022

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